Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weight Loss Update: Nov 27 to Jan 20

I can't believe how fast time flies, and how long it has been since I have updated about my weight loss journey.  Going forward I am going to do monthly updates.

Weight Watchers Weigh-In

Original Weight:  314.8
Previous Weight:  256.0 (Nov 22)

Dec 6:    256.2 (+0.2)
Dec 13:  257.8 (+1.6)
Dec 20:  253.8 (-4.0)
Dec 27:  Victoria - no weigh in
Jan 3:     Victoria - no weigh in
Jan 10:   255.1 (+1.3)
Jan 17:   254.1 (-1.0)

Change (since Nov 22):           -1.9 pounds
Total Loss (since Nov 2012):  -60.7 pounds

Total Loss since May 2012:  -68.1 pounds
Total Loss since Nov 2005:  -82.3 pounds

SP Weigh-In (at home scale)

Previous Weight:  251.0 (Nov 26)
Current Weight:    251.8 (Jan 17)

Change:   +0.8 pounds

Overall, I had a really good holiday season in regards to weight loss.  I think when I came back from Victoria I was up about 5 or 6 pounds.  By the time I hit my WW meeting on Jan 10, I was only up 1.3 pounds.  I know that losing that 4 pounds right before I left for my holidays helped quite a bit.  So did making some healthier choices while at my parent's house.  I admit, I also drank a lot of alcohol and ate a lot of sweets, and I did not walk as much as I do when I am home.  I also think that having a cold at the end of the holiday helped, because I was not really hungry.

Now I am moving towards being under 250 on my home scale as well as losing 65 pounds at WW.

We have a work event/lunch for our Business Person of the Year on Thursday.  That will involve a lot of walking and standing.

The weather is good right now, especially for January in Edmonton.  So I have been walking around downtown at lunch.  If I could just add 15 - 20 min of exercise at home each day, I would see some awesome results.  I just want to lose more than 21 pounds in 2015 (that is what I lost in 2014).  I know that it is great that I weigh less than last year - but I want to see some improvement in 2015.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Holidays - Part 2

The second half of my holidays in Victoria started with me driving my dad to the airport on the morning of Dec 29.  My cousins got ready to take the ferry home to Surrey.  The nurse arrived to give my grandmother her shower, and my mom took me and my brothers and Tracy out for lunch.  After some food and a little window shopping we went home for a bit before I drove Tim, Tracy & Greg to the airport for their flight home.

Sometime around the 28 or 29 I caught a cold.  At first I was just sneezing a lot, but soon my nose was just a constant drip fest.  I used so many tissues.  Then I had a couple of nights of coughing. This meant I stayed away from my grandmother and washed my hands a lot.  By the time January 3 rolled around I was much, much better.

On New Year's Eve Kristine drove down from Nanaimo.  She was also getting over a cold, so we didn't do much besides playing cards and watching the Bourne trilogy on the projection television in the man cave.  We stayed up to midnight on New Year's Eve and watched all the different fireworks from the windows of my parent's house.

My mom used up the pineapple we had in the fridge by making a pineapple upside down cake. Kristine and I went for a walk on the beach and went to see "The Gambler" on Jan 1.  It was an ok movie, but we were both looking for something with more action.

Early on January 4 I got up and my dad drove me to the airport.  Once I was checked in, I found out that the flight was delayed over an hour because of the cold weather in Edmonton.  I was not excited to leave Victoria, with the temp being around +5 and head to Edmonton where the weather was -30 (or colder).

I had the chance to eat breakfast and read a book on my Kobo.  Silly me, I left my Kobo on the plane (in the seat pocket).  So this past Saturday, I drove in the blowing snow out to the airport to retrieve my eReader.  My brother picked me up at the airport on Jan 4 and I am back home for the next few months.

It was a great vacation.  I love my parent's house, especially the views.  There was an abundance of delicious food but I was only up about 1 pound at WW at my first meeting back.  I will do a weight loss update later this week.

Mostly I am so glad that the weather here in Edmonton has warmed up so I am not wearing 52 layers every time I go outside.

Happy New Year and may 2015 be an awesome year for everyone !!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Holidays - Part 1

It is 2015 and I was back to work last Monday after spending 15 days in Victoria with my family.

The holiday season actually started back on Dec 2 with my company's annual holiday party.  We started with appetizers, cocktails (wine and eggnog with rum) and a white elephant gift exchange.  I pulled number one from the hat, which is actually the best number.  After everyone else has chosen a gift or stole one from someone else - I got to go back and steal anything I wanted from all the gifts.  I ended up with a movie night out package (2 tickets plus popcorn & drinks) that I gave to my brother's girlfriend for Christmas.

After the game and fun we headed next door to Character's restaurant for dinner.  It was delicious and I had a great time conversing with the coworkers at my table.

On Dec 20 I made it to my WW weigh-in and then finished packing before I stopped in at a Christmas Open House held by one of my friends from high school.  Then I went to the airport and got on my flight to Victoria (with a stop in Calgary).

I spent a few days with just my parents and my grandmother.  We baked cookies, did puzzles, and went out for lunch & shopping on the 22 while the nurse was in for her Monday shift with my grandmother.  We also made buns and sticky cinnamon rolls.  Then we made more on the 24th.

The clock I ordered for my grandmother on the 19th ( from DayClox ) and the second toy I bought for Jackson ( One and Two ) - were both delivered before Christmas.

Tim, Tracy and Greg (my younger brothers and Tim's girlfriend) arrived on Dec 24.  My mom made chicken wings and seafood (crab and shrimp) along with some appetizers from M&M Meat Shops for dinner.  There were cookies for dessert (oatmeal, chocolate with M&M's, ginger, and short bread - oh and florentine toffee).

We opened our presents on Christmas morning.  I can't remember the last time we did that.  Usually we have our gift exchange after dinner on Christmas Eve.  I received money and gift cards (Starbucks & Addition Elle).  I have plans to go buy a new iPhone 6 Plus after work on Friday.

Christmas dinner was delicious.  My dad made a Lynn Crawford recipe for Sticky Tofffee Pudding Cake with cranberry caramel sauce and eggnog mousse.  The eggnog mousse had booze in it and was so delicious.  I could have just had a bowl of caramel sauce.

My mom's sister Lynn and nephew Conan (so my aunt and cousin) arrived on Dec 26 from Vancouver and stayed the night.  This meant that I bunked in with Tim & Tracy on a blow-up mattress while Greg slept in the third floor plant room.

Then on Dec 27 my dad's nephew - my cousin Jeremy - arrived with his wife Rachel and their 8 month old son Jackson.  He is absolutely adorable.  He was learning to pull himself up on tables, chairs etc.  He can also crawl with quite some speed.  We bought him all these fun, noisy toys.  They stayed until Dec 29.

It was great being able to visit with my family.  That is why it is my favourite time of the year.